Pliant Booklet’s English Grammar 7

Pliantul conţine: The Sequence of tenses; Tag questions; Word Order & Emphasis; Conditionals: Perfect-Perfect Continuous, Type 3, Mixed Types, Omission of IF, Alternative ways of expressing hypothesis; Active & Passive Voice: Functions & uses; Syntax: Conjunctions for specific clauses, Adding emphasis, Clauses of purpose, Clauses of time, Connectors.

Toate noţiunile gramaticale conţin definiţie, forme, tipuri, timpuri şi moduri, funcţii sintactice, exemplificări etc.

7,00 lei

Cod Produs: ENP23

Format: A4

Nr. Pagini: 6

Nivel de limbă: B1-B2

Tip Carte: Pliant

ISBN: 978-606-590-057-8