Pliant Booklet’s English Grammar 3

Pliantul conţine: The Conjuction; The Preposition; Linkers; Inverted Short Answers: So / Neither; Clauses of Result: So… That, Such… That; The Passive Voice; The Adverb: Adverbs Ending in –LY; Adverbs and Adjectives with Similar Forms, The Comparison of Adverbs of Manner; The Numeral; State Verbs; Modal Verbs.

Toate noţiunile gramaticale conţin definiţie, forme, tipuri, funcţii sintactice, timpuri şi moduri, exemplificări etc.


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Cod Produs: ENP21

Format: A4

Nr. Pagini: 6

Nivel de limbă: A1-A2

Tip Carte: Pliant

ISBN: 978-606-590-054-7